Vol 24 No 1 (2017)

Dinamika Hubungan Masyarakat Transmigran Muslim Jawa dan Masyarakat Muslim Lampung

Romli, Khomsahrial (Unknown)

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07 Feb 2017


This research is inquiring the relationship between Javanese Moslem immigrant and indigenous Lampungese Moslem community phenomenon in South Lampung concerning to intercultural communication. This research uses qualitative paradigm (case study) in which in-depth interview, participant observation, documentation studies are used as data compilation method. The data gathered is then analyzed descriptive qualitatively. The research concludes that Javanese Moslem immigrants use three strategies in adapting Lampungese Moslem: formal adaptation, natural adaptation, and ethnic identity manipulation. Other than expecting being accepted as Lampungese Moslem community, Javanese Moslem immigrants use manipulation strategy for economic and politic orientation. In the process of adaptation Javanese Moslem faces language, psychological and socio cultural barries. In the interaction, every individuality from each ethnic group has his own perspective and different attitude on their existence and relation toward other ethnic group. Some of Javanese Moslem and Lampungese Moslem perceive that all ethnic groups are similar and willing to have equivalent relationship, behave openly and having no distance with other ethnic group. Such type of Javanese and Lampungese are called inculusive Javanese and inclusive lampungese. On the other hand, exclusive Javanese and Lampungese are those who think that his own ethnic group is better than the other one’s and asking for special treatment for that reason. The research also concludes that communication and interaction dynamics between Javanese Moslem and Lampungese Moslem is going on circularly in various aspects of life, such as religion, economics, politics and social. The on going communication between the two ethnic groups can be colored by cooperation and competition. Competition is only psychological, it is not resulting conflict. Cooperation is motivated by politics, economics and relegion. For the reason of achieving the same interest, they can break the border of different ethnic group. Javanese Moslem and Lampungese Moslem ethnic groups in transmigration area in South Lampung are able to manage cultural differences so wisely that they can communicate harmoniously.

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