Bappenas Working Papers
Vol 1 No 1 (2018): Edisi April 2018

Scattered Slum Islands: Insurgent Citizenship Phenomenon Related to The Provision of Public Services in Wedi Kengser Settlement, Yogyakarta

Febrianto Wibowo (Unknown)
Kurniawati Dewi Arifah (Unknown)
Putu Ananda Sanjiwani Saskita (Unknown)
Rizka Lintang Peksiwari (Unknown)
Yulia Pratiwi (Unknown)

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16 Apr 2018


United Nation Habitat (UN-Habitat) predicts that in 2050, 66% of the world community will live in the city. There is a group of disadvantaged communities, who is called a community of urban poor, such as Wedi Kengser settlement in the community of Kampung Ledhok, and the community of Kampung Gondolayu Lor, Yogyakarta. The government sees them as people who live illegally, as a result of the illegal land placement. They can?t get basic public services. The implication is that their rights aren?t fulfilled, to obtain social services and poverty alleviation from local governments. Thus, they collectively make a habitable shelter by creating a series of programs such as society at large and by maintaining their values. This phenomenon of society to obtain their rights is identified as an "Insurgent Citizenship" phenomenon. This study uses a qualitative method with a multi-paradigm approach. Data collection used in-depth interviews technique with government and relevant actors. This study uses comparative research between two "slum islands? in providing adequate public services. Which in Kampung Gondolayu Lor, they use the community empowerment program independently. While in Kampung Ledhok they use community empowerment programs managed by NGO. The purpose of this study is to get an overview of how basic needs management can be met effectively through civic engagement with NGO involvement or without NGO involvement (community independently), which in turn will be useful to finding solutions for development that concern the humanist side.

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