'Arabiyya: Jurnal Studi Bahasa Arab
Vol 7 No 2 (2018): Arabiyya: Jurnal Studi Bahasa Arab

Shu'ubat Hifdh al-Mufradat bi at-Thariqah at-Taklifiyah (Dirasah Washfiyah fi al-Madrasah as-Tsanawiyah al-Haliyah Darul Sa'adah Pante Raja)

Sanwil, Teuku (Unknown)
Afanda, Riki (Unknown)

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27 Dec 2018


Arabic is one of the lessons taught in MTs Darussa'adah. This aims to make students able to master language skills. One component taught in Arabic is mufradat. adequate mastery of mufradat will greatly help learners of Arabic to master the language. That is why mufradat must be taught with good techniques and methods in order to help facilitate learners of Arabic in increasing their vocabulary of mufradat. one of the learning methods of mufradat is the method of assignment (recitation). This study aims to find out whether in the MTs Darussa'adahschool using the assignment method in memorizing mufradat, to find out the difficulties faced when memorizing mufradat with the assignment method and to find out the effort carried out by the teacher on the difficulty in memorizing mufradat. The research method used is descriptive analysis. To get data, researchers conducted direct observations, divided questionnaires and interviews. The results obtained from this study are in the MTs Daruss'adah school using the method of assignment (recitation) in memorizing mufradat, MTs Daruss'adah school students face difficulties in memorizing mufradat with recitation methods and the efforts made by the teacher in dealing with the difficulty of memorizing the mufradat is not maximal

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