Journal of Political Issues
Vol 1 No 1 (2019): Journal of Political Issues


Saputri, Rini Archda (Unknown)
Tumangger, Jeki (Unknown)

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24 Jul 2019


Stunting is an urgent issue to be resolved because it impacts on the quality of Indonesia's human resources in the future. Human resources are the main factor determining the success of a country. This study aims to look at the upstream-downstream efforts to overcome stunting in Indonesia. The research method used is a qualitative approach with descriptive analysis. Source of data in the form of policy document analysis. The results of the study show that, in the upstream (policy level) there have been a lot of government policies that were born as an effort to acceleratecontrol stunting, but in reality thereduction rate is stunting still far from the target. In the downstream area, there are still many communities and the implementation of programs at the grassroots level that do not have sufficient mastery of knowledge related to stunting itself, both the impact, the causes, and how to overcome them.prevention policies Stunting seem to still be at the ivory tower level, while at the grassroots level itself is the spearhead of efforts to accelerateprevention stunting, the issue of stunting seems to still sound strange. Therefore, there is still a need for massive socialization related to stunting, the impact, the urgency of overcoming it, and efforts to overcome stunting at the grassroots level, as a form of individual preventive efforts without relying on government programs, because stunting is an urgent problem that must be addressed by all parties immediately without waiting for anything.

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