Serat Rupa
Vol 1, No 1 (2013)

Penerapan Simbol dan Ornamen pada Konstruksi Tou Kung di Rumah Tinggal Tradisional Cina (Studi Kasus: Rumah Tinggal Tradisional di area Pecinan Jakarta)

Royandi, Yudita (Unknown)

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Publish Date
11 Feb 2015


Chinese settlement in Jakarta is a form of architectural products that affect the historical development of the city. Chinese descent people as immigrant communities have established a specific and unique built environment order that influenced by its culture, tradition and beliefs which are very strong in the Chinese society at large. Like other tribes in Indonesia, these communities also strongly apply their belief systems in symbols and architectural ornaments which of course is for the fulfillment of the good values according to their beliefs, such as acquiring wealth, happiness and prosperity. One of the unique architectural elements in traditional chinese house is a bracket system called Tou Kung. This system is a cantilever roof construction above wooden stuctural column. This research is aimed to explore the application of chinese believes in traditional chinese house architecture, especially in its Tou Kung construction. Key words: traditional chinese house, tou kung, ornaments, symbols

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