Vol 2 No 2 (2014)

Analisis Pengungkapan Sharia Compliance dalam Pelaksanaan Good Corporate Governance Bank Syariah Indonesia

Saramawati, Dedhi Ana Mey (Unknown)
Lubis, Ahmad Tarmizi (Unknown)

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20 Jan 2017


This research is an exploratory study aimed to measure and assess sharia compliance in the framework of implementation of Good Corporate Governance in Sharia Banking Indonesia based an indicators used. That the results of this study can be compared by research of other similar, used indicators is an indicator that has been adapted from two earlier studies i.e Thea Vinnicombe (2010) with title “ AAOIFI Reporting Standards : Measuring Compliance” and Sepky Mardian (2011) “ Study Exploration of Disclosure Application of Sharia Compliance in Islamic Banks”. This research using 4 (four) indicators are : (i) Sharia Supervisory Board, which is a key player in Sharia Banking, (ii) Murabaha, is one contract that dominates Sharia Banking assets, (iii) zakah, an appraiser social function of Sharia Banks, and (iv) Mudharaba, which is a profit loss sharing contract with the identity of Sharia Banks. This research uses content analysis methodology, namely to make the sets specific text as the unit of analysis to figure out the purpose of the disclosure to be assessed in accordance with sharia compliance. The annual reports are used GCG Implementation report and Financial Statement period 2011. The results of this research indicate that level of Sharia Compliance Sharia Banking in Indonesia has been quite adequate with a percentage exceeding 50%, and in general, the tenth of Sharia Banking has been disclosed sharia compliance in the implementation of GCG.Keywords: Sharia Compliance, GCG, Sharia Supervisory Board’s, Murabaha,  Zakah, Mudharaba

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