AT-TURAS: Jurnal Studi Keislaman
Vol 2, No 2 (2015): Filsafat dan Studi Agama


Syamhudi, Hasyim (Unknown)

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31 May 2018


Islamic preaching (dakwah)  is pious activity as inspreable part of Muslims life, not merely because of Islam as preaching religion, but also that religion is in fact embraced by the most people of the world, then the Islamic preaching as a kind of science is not rightly questionable. However, a fact that Islamic preaching is a kind of science is debatable yet among experts since the systematic form of Islamic preaching is not really different from the common communication with the communicator, communican, message, and channel. So it is also case for the Islamic preaching with da’i, mad’u, Islamic materials, and preaching media. Furthermore, this article attempts to set the Islamic preaching in the common sciences through an approach to philosophy of science in various perspectives, suchh as positivism, naturalism, phenomenology, and metaphysics, by integration between deductive and inductive theories. Before doing that, I attempt to do through the Islamic ways in the preaching because the Islamic preaching is not merely religious obligation, but also imprortantly a theoretical and praxical activity runnig on the basis of Islamic univeral mission, rahmatan lil al-‘âlamîn.

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Two decades or more, in the global scheme, Islamic studies have been enforced to take broader paradigms from dogmatic-theology to popular-religious. Islamic studies is not merely discussing on sacred corpus only, but everyday life of Islam also. In academic space, this field has increasingly been an ...