Journal of Education, Humaniora and Social Sciences (JEHSS)
Vol 1, No 2 (2018): Journal of Education, Humaniora and Social Sciences (JEHSS) Desember

Karakter dan Akhlak Pemimpin dalam Perspektif Islam

Siregar, Siti Fatimah (Unknown)
Fuady, Yudistira (Unknown)
Fadli, Muhammad (Unknown)
Al-Bukhori, Afif (Unknown)
Lubis, Putri Nurhayati (Unknown)
Nasution, Saidatun Nisa (Unknown)
Wahyudi, Riki (Unknown)
Matanari, Suryadi (Unknown)
Junaidi, Muhammad (Unknown)
Suryani, Ira (Unknown)

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30 Dec 2018


This article discusses the importance of character and moral factors in leadership from the perspective of Islam. Ideal leadership is related to the progress of a civilization and a nation. Islam and its followers want a leader who has good character and noble character. The source of the reference to being a leader for Muslims comes from the Koran and Hadith, imitating the personality of the Prophet Muhammad and the Khulafaur Rashidin. In the context of the state, the reference is also based on the rules and regulations of the law that inacted in Indonesia

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