Patrawidya: Seri Penerbitan Penelitian Sejarah dan Budaya
The Patrawidya appears in a dark gray cover with a papyrus manuscript. The Patrawidya Journal is published three times a year in April, August and December. The study of the Patrawidya Journal article is on the family of history and culture. The Patrawidya name came from a combination of two words "patra" and "widya", derived from Sanskrit, and became an absorption word in Old Javanese. the word "patra" is derived from the word "pattra", from the root of the term pat = float, which is then interpreted by the wings of birds; fur, leaves; flower leaf; fragrant plants fragrant; leaves used for writing; letter; document; thin metal or gold leaf. The word "widya" comes from the word "vidya", from the root vid = know, which then means "science". Patrawidya is defined as "a sheet containing science" ISSN 1411-5239 (print) ISSN 2598-4209 (online).
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