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kPERHIMPUNAN MIKROBIOLOGI INDONESIA (SeKretariat PERMI), Gedung 10.2 Indonesian Life Sciences Center (ILSC), Zona Bisnis Teknologi Puspiptek, Jalan Raya Serpong - Bogor Gunung Sindur, Jawa Barat 16340, Indonesia. Email:
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Microbiology Indonesia
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Microbiology Indonesia provides a unique venue for publishing original researches in microbiology (espesially from Indonesian reseachers), and ensures that authors could reach the widest possible audience. Microbiology Indonesia publishes a wide range of research disciplines on bacteria, archaea, fungi, protozoa, and virus as well as biotechnology related to microbiology. Topics include (but are not limited to): -methods in microbiology, -bioprocess, -environmental microbiology, -food microbiology, -plant-microbe interaction, -animal-microbe interactions, -microbial community, -microbial genetics, -virology, -comparative and functional microbial genomics, -and gene expression in microbes.
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