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Jurusan Akuakultur Gedung Teladan di Fakultas Pertanian, Perikanan, dan Biologi Universitas Bangka Belitung Jl. Balunijuk, Kecamatan Mewarang, Bangka 33172
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Journal of Aquatropica Asia
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Journal of Aquatropica Asia (JoAA) is an open access scientific periodical managed by the Department of Aquaculture, Bangka Belitung University. JoAA Journal involvement is carried out 2 (two) times a year, namely in July and December in the form of the main manuscript is an article that contains the results of research (research articles). Other manuscript contributions can be in the form of short articles (short communication), articles review, and also special issues. Articles received will be reviewed by reviewers managed by the Editor in Chief before the manuscript is accepted and approved for publication in JoAA. The Journal of Aquatropica Asia (JoAA) accepts articles written in Indonesian or English with regard to aquaculture studies and aquatic ecology in the broadest sense covering aspects of reproduction, nutrition and feed, genetics, physiology, morphology, health of aquatic organisms, water quality, plankton, conservation, and other aspects relevant to the field of aquaculture.
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